Larkin’s Letters by Jax Jillian
“I left you something on the nightstand,” she said. “You did? What is it?” “Just turn over and look,” she pleaded. He turned over to look, hesitantly, not wanting to look away from her. She always seemed to disappear every time he looked away. A manila envelope lay atop... Read more
Six by Hilary Storm
Blade Montgomery takes shit from no one. He’s a leader. He’s a fighter. He’s the President of an MC. His nature to take care of others proceeds his will to do anything for himself. He’s a protector. He’s a no nonsense kind of guy with the sexual appetite of... Read more
Take me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 4) by L.N. Pearl,
I should be proud. I did a great job and Asher has finally found the perfect woman: gorgeous, wealthy, educated and gifted with a bikini modeling physique. This is by far my best performance, and yet, I never felt so miserable. I can’t believe I pushed him in the... Read more
Touch me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker #2) by L.N. Pearl, S.K. Lee
He was supposed to be a one night stand and out of my life. Instead, Asher is now my client. This man is dangerous, in the most sensual and masculine way possible. I’m on a slippery slope, but I can’t help it. I can’t resist the growing attraction between... Read more
Wolf Fur Hire (Bears Fur Hire Book 4) by T. S. Joyce
Like every other McCall werewolf in history, Link is headed down a short road to insanity, but he’s determined to go out on his own terms. Those terms? Repay the people the broken McCall pack has hurt before Ian Silver has to put him down. Hope is a dangerous... Read more
The Sheikh’s Secret Bride (The Adjalane Sheikhs #1) by Leslie North
Work always comes first for Sheikh Nassir Adjalane. From an early age, he learned business was infinitely more important than having a personal life. But with pressure from an opponent on his board, Nassir suddenly has only one month to marry, or risk being voted out of his company.... Read more
Stripping It Down (Donovan Brothers #1) by Jami Alden
Kit Loughlin has no qualms about discussing sex in her online column, Stripping it Down. Using the pseudonym C. Teaser, she keeps her private life private, including the intimate details of her first time, an awkward, humiliating experience with her high school crush, Jake Donovan. Now Jake has reappeared... Read more
Crown Me (Royals Saga #3) by Geneva Lee
The New York Times and USA Today bestselling series continues… As the world tried to tear us apart, Alexander fought for me, claiming me as his own. I belong to him—body, heart, and soul. I found strength in his dominance. In his control. In his love. Still I could... Read more
Loving His China Doll by Leigh Smith
Twenty-six-year-old Chyna Minton has suffered from hysterical blindness following a traumatic childhood experience. Now that both of her parents are deceased she lives on her own, but she does have the support of her neighbours and the protection of her St Bernard dog, Benji. Although unable to see, she... Read more
Love in the Fortress (The Blood Rose #8.1) by Caris Roane
A Mastyr Vampire. A beautiful fae-slave. Trapped in a fortress. Can love bloom in the midst of a nightmare? Mastyr Vampire Griffin hates his enslavement in Margetta’s fortress. He sought death a thousand times because of it, but was denied when the Ancient Fae brought him back repeatedly, forcing... Read more
In the Shadows (The Club #10) by M.A. Grant
This novella is a standalone that is part of The Club series. Learn more about The Club at: or Former spec-ops member Ezekiel Harding returned home from his time as a POW to find his family destroyed. Adrift and with no real purpose for a man of... Read more
Falling for Cyn (Four Winds #5) by Anne Conley
Damien is bad—the original Evil. Satan from Hell on Earth has been his identity since forever. The Devil. Beelzebub. Minister of Evil. Prince of Darkness. Lucifer. Old Scratch. He’s never been given a choice in this prison of fate, but it’s his turn now. Hell is about to meet... Read more
Dare You Forever (Brothers of Ink and Steel #2.5) by Allie Juliette Mousseau
Alpha-male, dirty-talking, MMA Light-Heavyweight Champion Josh North has only three days until the wedding to prove to single mother and greatest-love-of-his-life Sophie Garner that he is the only man she’ll ever need! As the wedding day approaches and Sophie begins to get cold feet, Josh comes up with a... Read more
Consolation (The Consolation Duet #1) by Corinne Michaels
Book One in the Consolation Duet Liam wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after. He wasn’t even on my radar. He was my husband’s best friend—forbidden. But my husband is dead and I’m alone. I ache for him and I reach for Liam. One night with Liam changed... Read more