Corrigan & Co. Series by Crystal Perkins (1-9) Corrigan & Co. Series by Crystal Perkins (1-9)
#1. Fielding Her Secret : She’s always been one of the guys. Ainsley Martin grew up beating boys at sports, and resigned herself to... Corrigan & Co. Series by Crystal Perkins (1-9)

#1. Fielding Her Secret : She’s always been one of the guys. Ainsley Martin grew up beating boys at sports, and resigned herself to the fate of always being a girl friend, and not a girlfriend. Transforming from a jock to a computer nerd didn’t help her win guys, but it did get her a job with the Corrigan & Co. Foundation. As the head of computers and technology for the foundation and its secret society, she normally works behind the scenes, overseeing the rescue of women and children. But this time, Jane Corrigan needs her to be on the front lines, and it may just be her undoing. Yes, she knows football, but she doesn’t know how to handle falling in love. He’s never had trouble getting girls into his bed. Zack Taylor learned early on that women only wanted him for his fame. Going home with them has allowed him to take his own pleasure, while knowing his heart will never be involved. Until he mistakes a beautiful woman for a groupie and tells her to get on her knees. When she stands up to him, he knows that he has to have her. All of her. He pursues Ainsley, trying to show her he’s more than what she sees on the football field. Someone’s trying to sabotage the Las Vegas Legions football team, and Ainsley and Zack may just become collateral damage if they’re not careful. Can they learn to trust each other or will the biggest secret of all destroy them both?

#2. Devouring Her Secret : A string of tragedies have made her cold and calculated. Faith is the Corrigan & Co. Foundation’s most successful agent. Seeking justice for others is the only thing that guides her. Until she meets a sexy stranger, and gives in to a night of passion. When he turns out to be a suspect in the mission she’s assigned to soon after, she’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk to let love back into her life. He was born with a silver spoon, but only wants a chef’s hat. Gavin can’t stop thinking about the woman he let go with for one night. When Faith shows up to interview for a job as his mother’s personal chef, he knows that working with her side by side in the kitchen will be torture. Until they both give in to what they feel, and it becomes so much more. They’re both hiding from each other, and the past. While Faith tries to remain impartial, Gavin struggles with the need to protect his mother—and what he believes in. There are forces bigger than the two of them working behind the scenes, and they learn that you can’t outrun the past, no matter how hard you try. Is their love strong enough to make them stay and fight for it, or will running be the only option? Secrets can multiply, and the biggest secret that’s revealed could bring down the entire foundation. Love alone may not be enough to save them, but friendship and loyalty just might.

#3. Rocking a SECRET: A bombshell stylist who’s more than she seems. Stella’s a kick-ass stylist who takes no prisoners, in or out of bed. For her latest mission with the Corrigan & Co. Foundation, she agrees to investigate blackmail threats against a member of the boy band her mother works for. Blackmail she can handle, but falling for the sexy young boy bander will cause her to risk everything—and everyone—she cares about. A boy band singer who wants to make the bombshell his own. Kace Reynolds may be young, but he knows what he wants. To sing without being singled out. To figure out who’s blackmailing him. And to convince Stella that he’s serious about wanting to be with her. But blackmail isn’t always what it seems, and he’s going to have to choose between being exposed and keeping the woman he loves. Bombshells are falling left and right, but will the biggest SECRET of all rock them both too hard?

#4. Lessons in SECRET: A woman whose IQ is so high, it can’t be measured. Isabelle Carlton has always hid behind her brain, staying in the background and not going on many missions for the Society—or many dates. When she stumbles upon a high school prostitution ring, she knows that it’s time to finally put herself out there in more ways than one. A sexy history teacher could be just what she needs, in and out of the classroom. A man who’s running from a past that can’t be ignored. Mason Wells is more than just a high school teacher, but exactly how much more is his biggest secret. Even though he knows Isa isn’t really a student, getting involved with her is wrong. He’s hiding too much, and she’s just too innocent. Despite knowing that it will destroy them both, he can’t stay away from her, even when they’re both put in the crosshairs of a powerful and evil man. Lessons can be learned, but will their love pass the test when a devastating SECRET is revealed?

#5. Uncovering His SECRET: She’s heading back to her past to save her first love… Eleven years ago, Tegan Kelly escaped a fate worse than death with the help of a secret society of women. In order to save the only man she’s ever loved, she’ll have to face her old demons, and all of the names she never wants to be called again. He can’t forget the girl who betrayed him and then left… Caleb Hall has never recovered from the cracks Tegan Kelly left in his heart when they were both sixteen. He shunned her then, and wants to hate her now when he finds out just how much she kept from him. But old love is strong, and he realizes that maybe there’s more to their original story than he’s let himself believe. First love is turning into forever love, but the SECRET Tegan kept from Caleb isn’t the only one they’re hiding. Can they move on from the past, or will uncovering it all cause them heartbreak once again?

#6. Training the SECRET by Crystal Perkins : A woman who’s already lost too much, but still has more to give…
The government couldn’t protect a teenage Jade Garrett, but Corrigan & Co. could. She joined the Society, and has built a life for herself, surrounded by friends who love her, and the man who doesn’t. Thinking she’s finally safe, she runs home to her ailing father, leaving her new life behind.
A man who escaped his past, but not the hold it has on him…
Nate Anderson doesn’t hesitate to go after Jade, finally admitting that he loves her. Being with her helps to keep the darkness inside of him at bay, but he knows it’s only a matter of time before the ugliness of his past rears its head, demanding payment for his sins.
When one SECRET is discovered, the rest will follow, and all the training in the world may not be able to save what’s broken.

#7. Inheriting a SECRET: A woman who made a promise and has no intention of breaking it… Darcy was trained to be a cat burglar and con artist from a young age. On his deathbed, her father elicited a promise from her that she’s always kept, despite the danger it’s exposed her to. As a current member of the Society, she’s assigned to a mission that brings her face to face with the one man who tests her will…and her honor. A prince who will stop at nothing to fulfill a promise he made… Brayden is set to ascend the throne of his small country, but he can’t do that without the jewels Darcy stole from his family ten years ago. He sets out to break her, but the best laid plans are sometimes destined to fail. Can he put aside his promise to his father and his country in order to follow his heart, or will duty come before love? Honor will be tested, and inherited duty may have to be challenged if they have any hope of overcoming the SECRET that could change everything.

#8. Tending Their SECRET by Crystal Perkins :
A woman who’s been battered, but won’t be broken…
Elletra Gallagher has always been confident, strong, and tougher than most men. Until she’s captured and tortured while going against her mission parameters. Now she has to find a way back to herself while protecting the man she loves.
A man who needs to be saved, but won’t ask for help…
Aiden Ford wasn’t there when Ellie needed him, but he vows to help her heal in any way he can, while keeping his own problem to himself. He knows his friends would help him, but he can’t admit any weakness, even to the woman he loves.
Can they tend to each other while hiding from themselves, or will the secrets pour over and keep them apart once again?

#9. Playing in SECRET: Her past has collided with her present, and there’s no going back… Audrey Sanchez was humiliated by the boy she loved when she was in high school, and she’s never gotten over it. When he needs her help to protect his daughter, can she pretend to be his girlfriend, and still protect her heart? He’s always regretted his past, and will fight for the future he wants… Blake Armstrong is the hottest movie star on the planet, but he’s never forgotten the girl he hurt in high school. Audrey’s still brilliant, and she’s also hotter than Hades. Can he convince her that he wants all of her, and won’t let her down again? When play becomes real, and the SECRETS are life-changing, can they put aside the past, or will history repeat itself?

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