San Francisco Brides Series by Celia Juliano San Francisco Brides Series by Celia Juliano
#0.5. Ready for You: Chiara believed she’d buried her dirty girl self under her role as a proper wife and mother. But when she... San Francisco Brides Series by Celia Juliano

#0.5. Ready for You: Chiara believed she’d buried her dirty girl self under her role as a proper wife and mother. But when she gives into a naughty impulse to flirt with a hot construction worker, the persona her soon-to-be-ex husband and traditional Italian American family expect breaks down. Can she build a new life, or will everything crumble around her? Rocco thought he knew what he wanted from Chiara—the same thing he always wanted from a hot woman. Something is different about Chiara, though, and Rocco soon decides he’s willing to play dirty to get her in his bed—and his life. When his troubled past resurfaces, Rocco’s determination falters, especially when he slams into the biggest obstacle of all—Chiara’s mistrust of him, and their love. But he knows Chiara’s walls can come down—and he’s good with a sledgehammer.

#1. Always: The last place Vincente DeGrazia wants to be on Valentine’s Day is at a charity bachelor auction. But he participates to honor the memory of his mother, who died of heart disease when he was a teen. His grandpop, who took Vincente in after his parents’ deaths, pushes him onto the stage with the assurance that Vincente’s dream woman is out there. And when Vincente spots a woman in white—who wins the bid for him—he wonders if Grandpop is right. Gina D’Angelo comes home to San Francisco with one plan—to save her family’s ailing business by uncovering the truth about the DeGrazias. But her plan goes up in flames when her attraction to Vincente burns out of control. After a night together, Gina and Vincente struggle to discover the truth about each other, and to solve the decades-long conflict between their families. As Vincente realizes he needs Gina in his life, Gina sees that Vincente isn’t the man she thought he was—and they’re ready to fight for their always, together.

#2. Believe: After five years of caring for her father in Italy, Lita Sabatini returns home to San Francisco. Her unexpected meeting with her long-time crush, Lorenzo Calabra, complicates her homecoming, endangering both her heart and the tenuous peace in her family. Lita knows what she wants—marriage and family—and Lorenzo isn’t a likely prospect. Not only is Lorenzo her older brother’s best friend, but he’s also the city’s most infamous bachelor, and the rumors of his corrupt ways are as numerous as his women. Lita won’t compromise her dreams for Lorenzo—but she wants to believe in la grazia dell’amore, the grace of love. For three years, Lorenzo has fought his feelings for Lita. But she’s an angel, untouchable from the hell that is his life. When she returns home, he resolves to change. His family and friends don’t believe in him, but when Lita does, he acts. Their pasts and future collide, making them each doubt themselves and their relationship. Will Lorenzo and Lita lose each other, or will they finally believe in the grace of love?

#2.5. Mistletoe Magic: Pete DeGrazia is the family nice guy. But this Christmas he’s speaking out, taking charge, and kissing the girl under the mistletoe. Becca Polito is the girl and she’s seeing family friend Pete in a new light. Will their kisses under the mistletoe lead to the magic of love?

#3. Dare: Joe D’Angelo has a good life—a career as a cop, his own apartment, a close family. But something is missing—the girl he can’t forget, Ariella Linda. When Ariella returns to San Francisco with her daughter after disappearing nine years before, he can finally get answers to his long-standing questions. First he has to contend with his family, Ariella’s secrets, and his fiery feelings. Ariella’s dreams are coming true. She’s recovered from her abusive marriage, has a new job at a law practice, and she and her daughter are home, just in time for Christmas. Now she wants a family—and Joe D’Angelo. Can they embrace the joy of the season, and their dream of love?

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