Stranded by Piper Sullivan
Firecracker Chef Virgin I had a plan to open my own restaurant right in my hometown of Cody, Montana. All I needed was the perfect location Which meant I needed Rex. Rex McGregor. Gorgeous, masculine, mountain man, Rex. He was every girlhood fantasy I ever had. And when a... Read more
Saving Mel: A Bad Boy Romance by Rye Hart
A winter blizzard brought Melanie to the doorsteps of my cabin. Before the delicate beauty came into my world… All I gave a damn about were the orphaned kids under my care. Now, the sight of her alone and afraid puts my inner beast into overdrive. She’s running from... Read more
Harley’s Fall (The King Brothers series Book 4) by G. Bailey
When you run, how long does it take for your past to catch up with you? Harley King knows something is up when his sister’s friend turns up unexpectedly, and needs a place to stay. When Harley lets Tilly live with him, he did not expect to fall for... Read more
How to Deal by Shey Stahl
I loved my job. After meeting the owner’s son, I hate it. He’s making my life difficult, and I’m positive he only comes to work to annoy me. I contemplate quitting just because of him. That is until I realize who he really is. A famous wedding photographer whose... Read more
January On Fire by Chase Jackson
Our marriage might be fake, but the heat between us is real. Brady Cassidy was always around. The girl next door. But as we grew up, my time in the military made us grow apart. She isn’t my little Ladybug anymore. She’s a confident, curvy beauty. And I want... Read more
Flames of Love (Firefighters of Long Valley #1) by Erin Wright
Jaxson is the new fire chief of the Long Valley Fire Dept, but he quickly realizes that the idyllic life he’d imagined in Sawyer wasn’t so idyllic after all… Coming January 2018, Flames of Love is the first novel in the Firefighters of Long Valley world, although all books... Read more
Forever Love by Alyssa Rose Ivy
Sometimes the best relationships start with friendship… *Contains three full length NA Romance novels* On The Rocks Love is best served on the rocks. My roommates look really good naked. At least one of them does. I’m sure the other one does too, but I haven’t seen him without... Read more
Burnt by Lacy Hart
Travis After the accident, the chief was pushing me to retire. Being a firefighter was all I had ever wanted, what I lived for. Well, other than my 12 year old daughter Abby. Raising her as a single dad, much less a busy firefighter, wasn’t easy, but life never... Read more
Cooper (Full Throttle Series) by Hazel Parker
Cooper is a passionate race car driver with a sexy as h-e-double ll southern drawl and will have you begging for more. Sara has a heart of gold, a body made for worshiping and kisses that are bound to make Cooper lose control. The passion between Sara and Cooper... Read more
Cruise (Savage Disciples MC #6) by Drew Elyse
Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple. After giving up eighteen months of his life for his club, the Disciples’ president is finally tasting freedom again. Stone knows there’s only one thing that might ever be as sweet, but she’s too young, too perfect, too untouchable for a man like... Read more
Buried Alive by Stacey Marie Brown
Nine years after a tragic accident, Hannah “Brennley” Evans has returned home to the snowy mountains of Whistler, Canada. This is the very place that destroyed her, where her whole world ended, and the reason she now goes by Hannah Jennings. Struggling with his own tragic past, Rhys Axton,... Read more
Burn (Homecoming Hearts #3) by H.J. Welch
Raiden Jones never thought he’d need a bodyguard. His life as a songwriter has been tame to the point of boring compared to his popstar days. But when a malicious hacker starts destroying his career and threatening his life, he finds himself desperately in need of protection. After leaving... Read more
Again! Again! (Fox River Romance Book 1) by Zach Jenkins
Levi Hamilton can’t do a relationship right now. The hotel hookup he stumbled into was fun, but back home, things are complicated. He’s just been surprised with custody of the five-year-old son he’s never met. Fighting fires at work and tantrums at home doesn’t leave time for dating. And... Read more
Alpha’s Bad Boy (Trouble in Paradise #3) by Austin Bates
A detective, a bad boy, and an undeniable attraction… Logan Morales is a bad boy omega. He’s lived a hard life on the streets of La Bonita. When’s he scooped up during a police raid, it looks like it’s all over for good. Fortunately for Logan, the hot alpha-in-denial... Read more
Unlocking Fear (Keys to Love #1) by Kennedy Layne
A captivating romantic suspense series from USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne where seduction burns but danger is never far behind… A chance mishap with a sledgehammer was the sole reason a chilling nightmare was unleashed in Blyth Lake. Noah Kendall’s grisly discovery left him in the middle of... Read more