The Dark Calling (The Arcana Chronicles #5) by Kresley Cole
New intrigues, adventures, and stunning revelations fill the penultimate installment of #1 New York Times best-selling author Kresley Cole’s electrifying Arcana Chronicles. In a world teetering on the edge . . . When Evie receives life-changing—and possibly game-changing—news, she has trouble believing it. Why doesn’t she feel any different?... Read more
Savage by Penelope Bloom
Chris Savage. Gorgeous. Famous. Arrogant. He moved to my mountain for a fresh start… Now he’s my neighbor And I think he wants more than a cup of sugar. He’s a global celebrity, and it’s not just because he’s mouthwatering. His book sold millions, but good luck finding anyone... Read more
Overprotected by Lulu Pratt
They think I’m going to protect her from the world but I’m the one she needs protecting from. My best friend’s family is worried about their little girl going off to college. They’ve sheltered Emma her whole life. So I offer to let her stay with me while she... Read more
Knight Nostalgia by Joey W. Hill
A whole new anthology featuring the beloved Knights of the Board Room characters… Conqueror’s Fantasy – When Matt Kensington takes Savannah to The Resort as an anniversary gift, they will explore their Dominant and submissive relationship to untold new depths. But on their last day there, Matt plans one... Read more
Lucky Bear by Harmony Raines
A Second Chance Shifter Romance Ruth is new in town. After spending years raising her siblings, she is now fulfilling her own ambitions. Training to be a teacher was the best thing she ever did, right alongside moving to Bear Creek. Sure, she’d like a man to share her... Read more
Just One Night by Charity Ferrell
“What the f*ck have I done?” aren’t the first words you want to hear after a one-night stand. Yet that’s what he gave me. Dallas Barnes is tall, dark, and handsome. He’s also scarred, rough, and broken down by burdens. A single dad. A widower. A lost soul. We... Read more
King (Sinister Knights MC #2) by Aria Cole
King Williams has seen the other side of hell, his tortured solitude hiding pain behind the cut of his marble jaw. Stubborn fortitude has gotten him this far, but one night with Piper at a club party is all it takes to unravel the walls he’s built. Now he... Read more
His Girl by Mia Kendall
When something terrible happens in to her in the city she lives in, Megan Clark flees back to Castle Rock, home of her family, friends, and the distractingly hot owner of the local pub, William Evans. Flames ignite the first time Meg and Liam meet in person, partly because... Read more
I Can Explain (Awkward Love #2) by Missy Johnson
Standing on the balcony, outside my boss’s apartment, wearing only my underwear? Not how I expected to start my Saturday morning. I guess I should’ve thought harder about going home with my sexy new gym instructor, especially since I had no idea the guy was married. When he pushed... Read more
I Wanna Text You Up by Teagan Hunter
ROOMMATE WANTED Chicks or dudes welcome! Looking for a new roomie? I have a place for you! Like your music loud? I own headphones. Enjoy having late-night guests over? Again, headphones. Want someone to help pay the bills? Do the dishes? Take out the trash? You scratch my back... Read more
Graphite by Anne Leigh,
Bishop Cordello lived by one rule: WIN. He never lost a critical game, never failed a class, never had a girl turn him down. He’s been able to shift everyone’s attention to his wins instead of them digging into the past. Kara Chamberlane’s laser-like focus in everything that she... Read more
High Note: A Novella by Jen Luerssen
Love, like music, is full of highs and lows. Jack is one of the most beloved country stars in the world. Sal is a rock pop goddess at the top of her career. Sal is heartbroken over a recent divorce and Jack’s divorce just seems like a long time... Read more
Blue by Sarah Jayne Carr
Blue Brennan is a runner. She runs from her problems. She runs from love. She runs from her past. What Blue doesn’t anticipate is running toward her hometown of Steele Falls, Washington, especially after she’d vowed to never go back. Adam Rockwell is a fighter. He fights his demons.... Read more
Every Inch of You by Kayley Loring
VIVIAN: I’m in hell. Three months ago I got dumped and it sent me into a downward spiral of red wine and pie. Now my Type A sister is getting married and she’s hired me a personal trainer so I can look respectable standing next to her as the... Read more
Trusting The Vine by Gemma Brocato
Brynn Dormir spends her day tidying up after guests at her wine country bed and breakfast inn, a job she prefers over cleaning up her mother and sister’s messy affairs. Unlike her family, business-minded Brynn never believed in love, a notion solidifed after her ex tries to kill her.... Read more