Wasn’t Supposed To Love You (Being Yours Novella series Book 2) by Dawn Martens,
The deal was simple, show Kristi the time of her life and get her back in the dating world, prove to her there was more to life than just school and work. Then Bryce would get money to help expand his business.Except it didn’t go according to plan. They... Read more
Triad (The Triad Series Book 6) by Kate Pearce
Captain Jay Roberts knows his mission to infiltrate the isolated province of Neveks is dangerous, but the future of Planet Pavlovan depends on his success. As a telepathic super-soldier, he doesn’t expect the banished Neveks female, Rain Datta—his passport into Neveks—to cause him too much trouble. But Rain’s not... Read more
Twisted Truth (A Truth Vs Lie Novel #1) by Maria Macdonald
I used to believe in true love. Until he broke me. Lesson learnt. Where there’s love, there’s lies. I used to believe I wasn’t what she needed. Until I let her love in. I’ve changed for her. I want her to believe in me like I need to believe... Read more
Unbreak Me: Prequel to Ruin Me by Bella Love-Wins
Mac I lived in the eye of a storm. A broken child in a nightmare I could never wake up from…unless I could get away. But running meant I had to leave everything behind. Years after I finally escaped, I found her. She was too innocent, too sweet to... Read more
The Sheikh’s Unruly Lover (Almasi Sheikhs Book 2) by Leslie North
Following a recent merger, American executive assistant Marian is sent overseas to meet with her company’s new Arab business partner. But once Marian sees who she’ll be working with—the handsome Sheikh Omar Almasi—she’s instantly wary of his good looks and brooding demeanor. When circumstances force her to step into... Read more
Their Juicy Woman by Sam Crescent
Casey, Parker, and Shawn Smith have grown up in a family with two fathers. They’ve never really fitted in, but they didn’t care to either. Owning a ranch, they don’t have time to mess around, so when they decide on a woman, she is the only one who matters.... Read more
One Call Away by Emily Goodwin
Chase Henson doesn’t play by the rules. He doesn’t let himself get attached, doesn’t stay in one place long enough to call anywhere home. So when he returns to the small town of Summer Hill for the first time in years, the last thing he expects to find is... Read more
Playing His Games by Donna Alam
Fantasies. We all have them. The night I go home with him, he’s mine. Dark. Dominant. His hot Brit accent makes me wet. He has secrets. A past. A son. But that night, I only know I want him. I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl. I don’t... Read more
Eros (Olympia Alien Mail Order Brides, Book 1) by K. Cantrell
Looking for Love on all the Wrong Planets Penelope Boswell needs a fake boyfriend to save her from her meddling family. But when the Intergalactic Dating Agency matches her with a sexy alien willing to play pretend in exchange for her help assimilating to Earth culture, she gets way... Read more
Jaguar On My Mind: Book Two – Bridenapping Jaguars by E A Price
Every leap, pack, and pride has its traditions, and for this jaguar leap, it is kidnapping brides! Rawr! For the Chavez Jaguar Leap, kidnapping brides every Valentine’s Day is a way of life. Once a year, the males travel to the city of Los Lobos and return to Honey... Read more
Kickback (Caldwell Brothers Book 3) by Colleen Charles
I built my tech company, Savant, from the ground up. Now, I want to give back, making iPhone apps for kids with disabilities. I’m a billionaire multiple times over, but money doesn’t matter to me. She’s the only thing that matters. And I left her. Eight years ago, after... Read more
Bethia (The Highland Clan Book 10) by Keira Montclair
Two misfits. One great love. Bethia may be the former Ramsay laird’s daughter, but she fears she’ll never marry. She loves her cousins, but their beauty makes her feel plump and plain in comparison. The lads never notice her like they do the others. She’s most confident when she’s... Read more
Billionaire’s Secret Babies by Claire Adams
Zoe had always dreamed of owning a bakery. It was supposed to be a creative outlet, where she could spend her time doing what she loved and make money doing it, but the reality was much different. When she wasn’t slaving away in the kitchen, she was at home... Read more
Wishing For a Happily Ever After (I Wish #2) by Lisa Helen Gray
As an event organiser, it’s my job to be prepared for anything―and, I do mean anything. I’ve had to deal with ripped wedding dresses, drunken bridesmaids, missing groomsmen, and other unseemly things. But nothing could have prepared me for the Donovan’s and their crazy grandma. Or the ex-boyfriend who... Read more
Tragic King (The Dominant Bastard Duology #2) by Sparrow Beckett
Severin is a dominant jerk with a bad attitude. Minnow, the woman hired to curb his temper, has seen beyond his bastard nature and has become obsessed with the way he masters her. She thinks she knows all of his secrets. She’s wrong. For years someone else has sought... Read more