Winter Igniting (Scorpius Syndrome #5) by Rebecca Zanetti
His only goal was survival until he met her… With nothing to lose, former cop Damon Winter agrees to an undercover op, infiltrating a cult in the dangerous post-Scorpius world. After one look at his new partner, he knows she belongs far away from not only the cult, but... Read more
Straight Up Irish (Murphy Brothers #1) by Magan Vernon
I need a wife if I want to help save my family’s billion-dollar pub empire. There’s just one problem: I never plan on marrying. So, I need someone who understands that this is just another business deal. I don’t do commitments. And my brother’s executive assistant, Fallon Smith, fits... Read more
The Test (The List #2) by Tawna Fenske
This is a test. A test of every life decision Lisa Michaels has ever made. Lisa thought she’d gotten everything right: The nicest condo, the right career, the best hair, and a perfectly adequate sex life with her stockbroker fiancé. But when the fiancé ditches her at the altar,... Read more
Reckless by Lex Martin
Reckless features Tori and Ethan and is a standalone companion to the USA Today bestseller Shameless. Tori… For the record, I’m not going to hook up with my boss. I’m a lot of things—a screwup, a basket case, a flunky. But when I take a nanny job to be... Read more
Sex God (All-Stars #4) by Katie McCoy
Austin James: Rock star. Sex god. And my brother’s best friend. He was always my #1 crush – and off-limits – until a college hook-up showed me he was every bit the playboy his reputation promised. Now, he’s back after a mysterious break from the spotlight, offering an exclusive... Read more
Paco (Night Rebels MC #5) by Chiah Wilder
Paco, the rugged VP of the Night Rebels MC, only stopped to get out of the rain and have some chow at the diner. He was headed back to Alina. He never intended on staying, but he saw her sitting alone at the booth next to his. She had... Read more
Losing It (Ringside Romance #4) by Christine d’Abo
Finn Miller doesn’t do social. He works his IT job from home as often as he can to avoid people. If it weren’t for his weekly training sessions at Ringside Gym, he might never leave his apartment. And he only does that because of Leo, the gym member he’s... Read more
One Wild Ride (Cake Love #3) by Elizabeth Lynx
It was one little illegal entry into a billionaire’s home. What could possibly go wrong? Aria Dixon is an artistic free-spirit who likes to have fun with men — in the bedroom. Once she’s had her fun she moves on — until she tries to sneak into one man’s... Read more
High Treason (FBI Task Force #3) by DiAnn Mills
When Saudi Prince Omar bin Talal visits Houston to seek cancer treatment for his mother, an attempt on his life puts all agencies on high alert. FBI Special Agent Kord Davidson is the lead on the prince’s protective detail because of their long-standing friendship, but he’s surprised—and none too... Read more
Kayleb (Mated to the Alien #6) by Starr Huntress,
Unmated Detyens die on their 30th birthday… so why is Kayleb NaMoren still alive? Download Links Filescdn (Note: Use Filescdn to download in Mobi Format) Read more
Fox (The Road Rebels MC #4) by Savannah Rylan
They say don’t sleep with your target. But we won’t be doing much sleeping. I have a job to do, for my Club. To get information on the indictment of our rivals, the Devil’s Saints. I’m going to find out how to put away those @ssholes for good The... Read more
Glacier (VLG #9) by Laurann Dohner
Since that fateful day she was snatched from her job and turned into a Vampire, Mandy’s life has sucked-literally. Forced to become an assassin for the Vampire Council, she finds solace in taking out the scumbag rogues she’s often assigned to kill. Things go south when she realizes her... Read more
Cinderella and the Geek by Christina Phillips
From Christina Phillips a sexy, new romance with a hero you won’t forget… I’m not looking for love or a Happily-Ever-After because I know how that ends. I just need to concentrate on my degree and look after myself. But there’s something about my boss, Harry, I can’t resist.... Read more
City Under Siege by R.J. Prescott
London is a city in flames. Tensions are high and a critical situation is about to go from bad to worse. The Prime Minister wants to send a message, and the SAS will be the ones to deliver it. Emotional detachment is my speciality. I’m ruthless and cut throat,... Read more
Eulogy (Eagle Elite #9) by Rachel Van Dyken
All is lost. All. I don’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore. My thoughts are filled with hatred and dripping with rage. I’ve lost my soul. She took it to the depths of Hell with her and haunts me with images of what could have been. Sixty lives are... Read more